Guide pour toute la famille

The world does not stop and the music is, like all food, a daily and permanent need. So it is for us adults and way more for the babies and children in general. This is why MUSICALMENTE decided to create Concerts for Babies at Home. A new website has been launched and is now a real open stage where single or season tickets can be chosen. So now the Stage is born in another dimension.  It exists in a virtual reality, woven between the musicians’ rehearsal room and the home of the babies and their families. So, in order for the experience to be more intense and qualitative, we leave some notes for the families:


  • On the website of Concerts for Babies – – choose the programs that you would like to watch with your baby or choose the Season Ticket;
  • To listen and watch the concert, you must first take care of the quality of the sound and image that you will offer to your family. The babies are much more discerning than adults when it comes to sound, so don’t hesitate to prepare the best sound system you have at home;
  • The show will be broadcasted directly on Concerts for Babies’ website and we recommend that you use a SmartTV. Not having one or not being able to, use the device with the largest screen possible. Test your internet connection a few minutes earlier to check if everything is fine;
  • It is important that the screen is at the level of the children and babies’ eyes, therefore, the television should be lowered to the floor whenever possible;
  • One or two members of the family will be part of the production team for the Concert. It may be an older brother and/or one of the adults. The tasks are very simple but important, so as to turn off and on the lights whenever it is requested on the broadcast (the request will appear in a footnote), to distribute the musical instruments to all those present and invite to them get up from the cushions to dance if the performers challenge you to;
  • Prepare the room where you will live this experience with your baby;
  • Look for an open space, with the minimum of objects around;
  • You must be able to turn off the lights and have the room as dark as possible;
  • Look for some cushions so that you can be comfortably seated on the floor or, if you can, get a Concerts for Babies’ cushion and watch it in the real stage design of the project;
    • The baby, if he/she does not walk yet, should be held by the adult he/she trusts most;
    • The baby/child, if he/she already walks and has autonomy, should be at your side;
  • Take the small instruments we use at concerts (egg shaker, rasp frog, etc) to the family scene assistant but hidden in a basket or cloth bag. Not having, take a kitchen utensil that allows friction (scraper, bottle) with a wooden spoon. Throughout the concert you will be invited to use them;
  • There may be a small moment of dance/movement with the whole family, so you should try to have a wide space without objects that can be broken or may hurt;
  • Being designed for babies, these concerts are proper for the whole family to enjoy, so you should invite everyone who is at home to be part of this experience with your baby. If it is possible to do it safely, offer a surprise to your grandparents or a friendly family to attend the concert. In either case, invite the babies’ favourite dolls and animals and install them properly in the audience;
  • Throughout the concert everything is possible. Follow the gestures, voices and actions of the interpreters when you feel like participating in the proposed vocal and instrumental games;
  • The musicians, in their broadcast room, would like to receive photographs or short videos of the babies’ attitudes and reactions. If you want to share them, you can do it privately to our WhatsApp +351 911 022 366, and the media will be projected to our musicians and only for them;
  • The concert lasts around 30 minutes. If your baby or child does not pay special attention to this experience, that is perfectly normal.

Enjoy this moment.