AT HOME: A Christmas of All Time


Concerts for Babies at Home – special CHRISTMAS program

Offer music to your baby!



It’s Christmas
It’s Christmas

In these cold days, when we are recommended to stay at home, Christmas songs are a special comfort. Daddies nest in them and in their memories, and babies discover the magic of lights and bells. It is a Christmas of All Time filled with Portuguese and world songs, with an invitation to dance at home and play improvised instruments. Eu hei de m’ir ao presépio and Dorme Bebé are songs to sing with fathers, mothers and grandparents. The candlelight calls for contemplation, but saxophones and accordions take us on a trip to this Christmas Concert.

Happy night
Happy Christmas
Baba bá many treats

Alberto Roque – Baritone Saxophone and Ocarina
José Lopes – Alto/soprano Saxophone and “cavaquinho”
Pedro Santos – Accordion
Isabel Catarino – Vocals
Inesa Markava – Ballerina and vocals
Cristiana Francisco – Vocals and Conductor

The perfect plan for a Sunday morning with music to enjoy with the whole family!

Concerts for Babies at Home are specially designed for babies and children from 0 to 5 years old, to enjoy altogether with the family.

This concert’s recording will be available for everyone who bought its Ticket or Season Ticket.

Read the GUIDE TO THE WHOLE FAMILY to find out how to better prepare the mood for this moment.


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