The Project

Concerts for Babies

Aimed at babies aged 0 to 3, Concerts for Babies are, first and foremost, concerts. Considering babies to be audiences in their own right, here and now, Concerts for Babies were the first organisation to bring events such as these into the main programmes put together by concert halls. From the very start, they have set themselves apart from a growing number of other artistic projects aimed at children, thanks to the absolute respect with which they lend themselves entirely to babies, parents and grandparents.

Monteverdi, Bach and Mozart are only a few of the hosts of a vast selection of composers, from classical to jazz; traditional Portuguese to world music; electronics to improvisations and balls held with parents and babies.

Concerts for Babies have been, and are to this day, a longstanding source of inspiration for hundreds of other early childhood projects around the world with a focus on ​​Music and Performing Arts, but also in the fields of Education, Health and Wellbeing. This project from Leiria has had a global impact, demonstrated by the large number of permanent invitations its Artistic Director, Paulo Lameiro, receives to Conferences, Training courses and Artistic Residencies.

Born in Leiria, from the “Berço das Artes” (Cradle of the Arts) programme run at the SAMP – Artistic Musical Society of Pousos, in 1998, the programme went on to play in Portugal’s leading concert venues, even becoming a resident project in several theatres across the country and performing in close to 90 rooms and festivals at events in Europe, Asia and Brazil.

Theaters and Festivals

● Orfeão de Leiria
● Teatro Miguel Franco – Leiria
● Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval – Sintra
● Casa da Música – Porto
● Teatro José Lúcio da Silva – Leiria
● Teatro Stephens – Marinha Grande
● Cine-Teatro Louletano – Loulé
● Convento São Francisco – Coimbra

● Madrid Ciudad de los Niños – Spain
● Vigo Are More – Spain
● Babelut – Belgium
● Belfast Children’s Festival – Northern Ireland
● Kaolin et Barbotine – France
● Festival de Artes de Macau – China
● Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes – Spain

● FIT Cádiz – Spain
● Festival Temporada Alta de Girona – Spain
● Festival La Strada – Austria
● Festival Laus Polyphoniae – Belgium
● Orkestra Sinfonikoa de Bilbao, Euskalduna Jauregia – Spain
● Kursal Donostia – Spain
● Pazo da Cultura de Pontevedra – Spain
● SESC de Santos – Brazil
● Festival Chantiers d’Europe – France
● El Més Petit de Tots – Spain
● bOing! Festival – England
● Philharmonie Luxembourg – Luxembourg
● Palau de la Musica Catalana – Spain
● Mermaid Arts Centre – Ireland 
● Teatralia – Spain
● Ludiceea – Romania

Our History

Concerts for Babies at Home

A musical programme for the whole family, giving your baby the opportunity to reflect and discover sounds, textures and emotions.

Who we are

Meet the artists who bring Concerts for Babies to life  

Babies are experts at listening, so we’ve put together a team of incredible musicians and countless guest soloists just for them. With the unrivalled sensitivity of one of them and with the precious help of our babies, each concert is transformed into unique memories and experiences.

Paulo Lameiro

conductor and vocals

Alberto Roque

Baritone saxophone and ocarina

José Lopes

Alto saxophone, soprano and “cavaquinho”

Pedro Santos


Isabel Catarino


Cristiana Francisco


Inesa Markava

Vocals and movement

Technical Data Sheet

DURATION: 45 minutes AUDIENCE: Babies aged between 0 and 3 accompanied by their families, with an average of 4 people per party. Maximum of 60 babies. 240 people per concert. ROOM Stage or large room with a minimum area of ​​168 m2 (12m x 14m) and a minimum grid height of 7m. LIGHTS: Minimum of 3 fixtures with 36 projectors: 12 1KW 23º / 50º profile spotlight; 4 15º / 32º 1 KW profile spotlight with Iris; 20 PC 2 KW. ASSEMBLY TIME: 1 h 30 min DISASSEMBLY TIME: 30 min




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