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  • 04 Dec.

    Bilbao Orkestra Sinfonikoa


  • 05 Dec.

    Bilbao Orkestra Sinfonikoa

    10h30 | 12h00 | 18h00

  • 06 Dec.

    Bilbao Orkestra Sinfonikoa

    10h30 | 12h00

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Video presentation

A Concert.
You can take a peek in this video an experience of a baby in one of our concerts.

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  • 11 Oct.

    Concertos para Bebés |Um bebé em paisagens alentejanas | Outubro 2015

    Os bebés, como nós pessoas grandes, gostam e precisam...

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    Concertos para Bebés |Um bebé em paisagens alentejanas | Outubro 2015
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CD + Music Box

CD + Music Box

The opportunity to buy the newest CD and the Music Box at a lower price.



This is the second CD from the project Concerts for Babies. Here you can listen to some of the most acclaimed themes of the Concerts for Babies, besides the songs Olá and Adeus. An opportunity to evoke some of the memories of a concert, or to share some musical moments with the family.

Music Box

Music Box

The train song is one of the first themes that our babies learn how to hum. Therefore we decided to create a music box with this theme written by Cristiana Francisco.


National International
  • Público

    On the lap, in cradles or sitting in colourful cushions, 93 children listened to the work of Ravel, Bach, Mozart and Strawinski. They didn’t cry, nor asked to leave the room....

  • Correio da manhã

    Sintra awakes deserted (...) But the silence is broken by the chatter of the tiny audience that every month runs out the Concerts for Babies in Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval [Sintra]. The babies make a

    Correio da manhã
  • Expresso

    Paulo Lameiro, musicologist, is, definitively, an original teacher. You must be very bold in order to start on an idea like this in a small village of our country....

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