À LA MAISON: Le Bébé Vertueux



Concerts pour Bebés à la Maison avec Hugo Correira (Contrebasse & Électronique) 

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Bábá Iábabá

With Hugo Correia every concert is a surprise. Of virtuosity, intensities, games, dreams and smiles. He plays contrabass in an orchestra, which he will bring to this concert, but his giant friend does not intimidate babies. Keeping company to this rubber elephant, Hugo always brings many threads and buttons. Wrap the contrabass and other instruments in the buttons and the strings, and then we listen and think there, wondering why babies make those faces!

Xzzz Zbim

Alberto Roque – baritone saxophone and ocarina
José Lopes – alto saxophone, soprano and cavaquinho
Pedro Santos – accordion
Inesa Markava – voice and movement
Isabel Catarino – voice
Paulo Lameiro – Voice and conductor
Invited Soloist – Hugo Correia (contrabass and electronics)


The perfect plan for a Sunday morning with music to enjoy with the whole family!

Concerts for Babies at Home are specially designed for babies and children from 0 to 5 years old, to enjoy altogether with the family.

This concert’s recording will be available for everyone who bought its Ticket or Season Ticket.

Read the GUIDE TO THE WHOLE FAMILY to find out how to better prepare the mood for this moment.



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