“Sorduns and other Tasty Treats”


July 12th with Pedro e Gonçalo Pereira – bassoone and contra-bassoon “Sorduns and other Tasty Treats”



Drrrrrr Bdrrrrrr
Sorduns and Dulcians are very old wind instruments. Made with wooden tubes and producing sound with a double reed, they are ancestors of our bassoons and contra-bassoons. No sound is tastier for a baby than a contra-bassoon, and there are no sweeter duets than bassoons. Flavors that vibrate ba-bies’ cheeks like no other, and paint the air of filled timbres. And to offer us these sounds only the brothers Pedro and Gonçalo Pereira, who were the first students of the Berço das Artes SAMP, and now return as invited soloists.
Thank you Pedro and Gonçalo for your greedy sounds.

Alberto Roque – baritone saxophone and ocarina
Pedro Santos – accordion
Paulo Bernardino – clarinet
Inesa Markava – voice and movement
Isabel Catarino – voice
Paulo Lameiro – voice and conductor
Invited Soloists – Pedro Pereira e Gonçalo Pereira (bassoone and contra-bassoon)


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