CD “Amigos”


Amigos – the third album of Concerts for Babies to listen and enjoy whenever you want!



Amigos (Friends) is the title of the third album of Concerts for Babies that invites some of the most frequent soloists in Concerts for Babies’ programme in the last few years, such as Surma, David Ramy, Daniel Reis, Yumiko Ishizuka, Pedro and Gonçalo Pereira, Ricardo Parreira and Vânia Conde, Marco Fernandes and Simão Lameiro.

The recording of this album has counted with the participation of the resident artists of Concerts for Babies: Paulo Lameiro, Alberto Roque, Pedro Santos, José Lopes, Paulo Bernardino, Isabel Catarino, Inesa Markava and Cristiana Francisco.

Long desired and required by the parents who saw the previous CDs spin and spin on their readers, Amigos surprises by the wealth of languages and the sound journey it provides.

To listen and enjoy, whenever you want!


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